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Gym Update: 6 Months, OMG Time To Go Shopping!!!

So it was mid 2014 when I decided that I wanted to commit my self to a fit lifestyle. I’ve been lacto-vegetarian for almost five years and I like to think that I eat pretty healthy. BUT it’s those darn french fries and bread at the dinner table that get me every time. So even though I have been in

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Response To Criticism: Interviewing Celebrities Actually Is A Skill!!

So this post I just thought of literally moments ago. The reason it popped into my head is because I randomly looked online at a few of the comments on a couple of my interviews on youtube. (Which I never do.) Not because I am afraid of what people are going to say, but well kinda lol but mainly because

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[Interview] Spotlight On Chicago PD’s @RoyceDaVoyce Hawkins: Still Visits Grandmother’s House For Sunday Dinner

Actor LaRoyce Hawkins Has Chicago On Lock Down!! I caught up with LaRoyce right before he was about to host his weekly Open Mic in Chicago at Refuge lounge. You probably watch LaRoyce Hawkins every Wednesday on NBC’s hit show “Chicago PD.” LaRoyce is a a main character on the show currently starring as Officer Atwater and actually grew up

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#TheDress OMG I Just Saw Blue And Black

I promise you I am not making this up. Ever since the dress became popular on the internet I thought people were crazy and I’m like people the dress is white and gold! I was just thinking people were crazy for even thinking that the dress was white and gold. UNTIL today, like moments ago actually. I just was scrolling

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Elevator Convo: With Porscha From “Empire”: How She Snagged The Role To Quitting Her Day Job

Even though I get the chance to interview lots of celebrities, sometimes I’m just in the same room with celebs and I get a chance to meet them. The latest spotting was with Porsha from Lee Daniels’ “Empire.” I was at work and I saw this girl walk in with her signature Janelle Monae inspired up-do. Her face was beat

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Why Being A Jack Of All Trades Might Leave You Depressed

Alright so I have been in the industry for six years. wow time flies.  Anyway I knew when I was a child that I wanted to be a superstar.  But if you asked me as a child what I wanted to be my dreams were scattered.  I might’ve told you a singer, actress, forensic scientist, and own a business on

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Ask Demi: How Hard Is It Being An Entrepreneur While Working A Day Job?

I speak to schools of all ages; grammar schools, high schools, colleges etc. all over the city and beyond.  And people find it pretty fascinating that I am able to do SO many things outside of my “9 to 5″ job.  Now I am a radio personality so I don’t technically work 9 to 5 on any day. BUT don’t

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Why You Will Be More Successful By Creating Your Own Lane

So when I first entered the entertainment industry I was rocking this purple hair, performing in this bright pink tutu dress, with over the top makeup. I am one of those people who have always been in my own lane… like literally.  When I went into the studio to do music my producer when we brainstormed on music we didn’t

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The T.J. Martell Foundation 37th Annual Honors Gala

How Angela Simmons Just Changed My Day! Humpday Motivation

It’s so funny that this woman inspires me so much, because people always say we look like twins. Maybe we ARE like some kind of long, long, long, loonnggggg lost cousin? lol If so I need access to my uncle Rush’s phone number like ASAP! Anyway, I like following Angela Simmons because she either posts something motivational to get in

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Spotlight On Tank: Dating Industry Chicks + Wifey Requirements

So you know Tank just had his son on his birthday, and  he stopped in studio before the birth and we talked about him being on the road with a pregnant girlfriend at home. Even though he’s taken it was good to know what kind of woman he likes, and what guys of Tank’s caliber look for in a woman.

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