Why Being A Jack Of All Trades Might Leave You Depressed

Alright so I have been in the industry for six years. wow time flies.  Anyway I knew when I was a child that I wanted to be a superstar.  But if you asked me as a child what I wanted to be my dreams were scattered.  I might’ve told you a singer, actress, forensic scientist, and own a business on

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Ask Demi: How Hard Is It Being An Entrepreneur While Working A Day Job?

I speak to schools of all ages; grammar schools, high schools, colleges etc. all over the city and beyond.  And people find it pretty fascinating that I am able to do SO many things outside of my “9 to 5″ job.  Now I am a radio personality so I don’t technically work 9 to 5 on any day. BUT don’t

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Why You Will Be More Successful By Creating Your Own Lane

So when I first entered the entertainment industry I was rocking this purple hair, performing in this bright pink tutu dress, with over the top makeup. I am one of those people who have always been in my own lane… like literally.  When I went into the studio to do music my producer when we brainstormed on music we didn’t

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The T.J. Martell Foundation 37th Annual Honors Gala

How Angela Simmons Just Changed My Day! Humpday Motivation

It’s so funny that this woman inspires me so much, because people always say we look like twins. Maybe we ARE like some kind of long, long, long, loonnggggg lost cousin? lol If so I need access to my uncle Rush’s phone number like ASAP! Anyway, I like following Angela Simmons because she either posts something motivational to get in

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Spotlight On Tank: Dating Industry Chicks + Wifey Requirements

So you know Tank just had his son on his birthday, and  he stopped in studio before the birth and we talked about him being on the road with a pregnant girlfriend at home. Even though he’s taken it was good to know what kind of woman he likes, and what guys of Tank’s caliber look for in a woman.

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8 Text Messages To Make Your Crush, BAE On Valentine’s Day

Hey guys! So it’s like Valentine’s Day eve right now and everyone is all worked up about the big day. Some are concerned what they are going to get, some are worried about what to get, while others are just plain ole angry they don’t have a Valentine. I look at it just like Christmas, and Sweetest Day, it is

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5 Important Reasons You MUST Follow Your Dreams.

Trust me, I already know what you’re thinking… “better said than done.” Listen, I already know that the phrase even “following you dreams” is annoying to say, because it’s so many things that just don’t seem like they are perfect enough right? Well the one thing I have learned and, it’s super cleche but it’s honestly the most true thing

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5 Things Chicago People Will Love About Los Angeles

So I was on a trip for a week in Los Angeles last week, and being from Chicago, though I am totally in love with LA, there were a few weird things I found out about the city while there: Meters: this technically doesn’t count but it took me 3 times avoiding the meters to find out it DOES take

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Jason Derulo

I Had One Question To Ask Jason Derulo… And I Failed.. #Macy’s #Glamorama #RedCarpet

So like you I was so shocked that Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks broke up. I mean for crying out loud they seemed like the happiest couple alive. But I will say I was even more shocked when he did that music video called “Marry Me” with Jordin in it as his girlfriend, but wasn’t really trying to put a

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My Favorite Things About Chicago

The weather this summer has been pretty crazy, it’s still not spring, and we are struggling to get the violence under control,  but Chicago has a lot to offer!   Here is my list of some of the really great things about my city, Chicago: Downtown: Ok I have traveled to a lot of places, and there is no other city that

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